Manchester and District Yoga Association
Manchester and District Yoga Association began it's official life on 1st of January 1999. The association was the original brain child of it's founding chairman, Satya Prem (Ken Simmons), aided by his daughter, Diane.

An association promoting the aims and practice of yoga in this region had long been something Ken had wanted. At the end of 1998 he sensed that the time was right, and called together a group of his extensive friends and associates from across the region for a meeting at Denton Methodist Church.

At this meeting, attended by about thirty people, including prominent local yoga teachers and committed students, Ken revealed his plans for the Association. The vision he expressed there has stood the test of time, and MADYA continues within the bounds of his vision to this day. The first committee of volunteers were selected from those present, and the date set for the first committee meeting.

Ken lead MADYA until he departed his most recent incarnation in 2004. His daughter, who had left the committee due to personal commitments kindly stepped in as acting chair to help see us through that difficult period.

Eventually, Poornamurti, one of four of the original committee members still serving was elected as permanent chair at the 2004/5 AGM.