The Association is to be called Manchester and District Yoga Association (MADYA).
The address of MADYA will be care of the Secretary.
The Association will be managed by the Committee.
MADYA aims to promote yoga and other related topics within the Manchester and district area by organising several seminars each year open to anyone who has an interest in yoga.
Special intensive events/weekends suitable for teachers and advanced students will be arranged at the discretion of the MADYA committee.
Membership of MADYA is open to anyone who has an interest in yoga.
Members will receive advanced notice of seminars and be able to attend regular seminars and meetings at reduced fees. Members will also receive regular newsletters throughout the year.
Membership runs from 1st February to 31st January inclusive. The membership fee is to be decided by the MADYA committee.
All subscriptions shall be paid within 28 days of the due date. Notice shall be sent to all Members who have not renewed their subscriptions after 28 days of the due date. Members who have not renewed their subscriptions within 3 months of the due date shall be deemed to have allowed their membership to lapse.
Anyone attending a seminar during the 28 day period of grace must renew their membership at that time in order to benefit from any reduction in entry fee.
The Committee may remove any Members who prejudice the good name of the Association; but such Members shall have no claim on the Association for any subscriptions paid. Such Members have the right of appeal to a SGM provided 14 days notice is given to the Secretary.
The Committee
The Committee will comprise: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and ideally a minimum if five co-opted Members to be assigned roles by the Committee. These will include Publicity Officer and Health and Safety Officer. Each office shall come up for re-election every three years. Existing officers may stand for re-election.
If the Committee feels that an additional co-opted Member is necessary they will invite one to join the existing Committee.
Any Member invited onto the Committee in this manner will serve until the next AGM, at which point their seat will become due for re-election. After re-election, the seat will stand for three years as normal.
Committee meetings will be held on a regular basis. All Committee members will be given notice prior to any Committee meeting taking place. A quorum for Committee business will comprise of Chair or Vice Chair and fifty percent or more of the existing Committee.
Any member of the Committee not attending three consecutive meetings shall vacate his/her seat unless a satisfactory explanation is given. Any member of the Committee may be removed at any time at a SGM called for that purpose.
Members of the Committee must be paid-up Members of the Association.
Whilst the Chair may express an opinion on all issues, the Chair (or acting Chair) will not have a vote, except in the event of a tie, in which instance the Chair has the casting vote.
All monies of MADYA, apart from a cash float to be held by the Treasurer, will be placed and kept in trust by the National Westminster Bank. The National Westminster Bank local branch is to be decided by the Treasurer and/or the MADYA Committee.
Three signatories will be nominated for bank cheques: Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer. Any two from these three signatures will be required.
The accounts of the Association will be audited each year prior to the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting by a responsible person who may or may not be a member of MADYA, but must not be a serving member of the Committee.
An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held each year where all members of MADYA will be invited to attend. The AGM will be free of charge to all members. Voting by members can be made at the AGM in person or by postal vote. Postal votes are to reach the secretary at least fourteen days prior to the AGM.
Special General Meetings (SGM) may be called by The Chair, Vice Chair or Secretary. At the SGM only stated business for the SGM has been called shall be considered.
Dissolution of MADYA can only be made at an SGM Existing assets will then be dispersed with the discretion of the MADYA Committee and Members attending the SGM.
The Association rules can only be changed at an AGM or SGM by two thirds majority vote of those in attendance and/or voting by post.
Manchester and District Yoga Association